What is the difference in pumps?

The options on the Vampire pumps differ, however, each pumps is tested to pull at least 27 inches of Hg Mercury.

Vampire pumps are offered in different types of materials:

  • X – Yellow Nylon
  • U – Clear Acrylic
  • Red Acrylic

Extra Features:

  • V – Vacuum release valve to prevent overflow
  • M – Rigid stand
  • FM – Folding stand

How do I know which pump will fit my bottle?

The thread size of the bottle should match the prefix of the part number for the pump. Ex. – 38 mm thread will fit 38-X, 38-XV, 38-97FM, etc.

How can I identify the pump size I already have?

On newer yellow nylon heads there is a small number molded where the bottle screws on.

What size tubing do I need?

Our pumps are equipped with a patented tube coubling device (CD Knob) which accomodates any size sampling tube with an outside dimension of 3/16″ through 5/16″. Size required is based on the type of fluid being sampled, temperature of sample, and what sample is being taken from. Special pump model 38-U 1/2 accomodates 1/2″ tube for heavy gear oils.

Who uses the Vampire fluid sampling pumps?

Construction companies, Utility companies, Food processing, Theme parks, Breweries, Environmentalists, Trucking companies, Anyone sampling fluids

Why should I use the Vampire fluid sampling pump?

Quality made product, excellent customer service, usually same day shipping on many in stock items, available world-wide, durable, and uses multiple size tubing without fitting change.