Q.: What is the difference in pumps?

A.: The options on the Vampire pumps differ, however, each pumps is
tested to pull at least 27 inches of Hg Mercury.

- Vampire pumps are offered in different types of materials:
X - Yellow Nylon
U - Clear Acrylic
Red Acrylic

- Extra Features:
V - Vacuum release valve to prevent overflow
M - Rigid stand
FM - Folding stand

Q.: How do I know which pump will fit my bottle?

A.:The thread size of the bottle should match the prefix of the part number for the pump. Ex. - 38 mm thread will fit 38-X, 38-XV, 38-97FM, etc.

Q.: How can I identify the pump size I already have?

A.:On newer yellow nylon heads there is a small number molded where
the bottle screws on.

Q.: What size tubing do I need?

A.:Our pumps are equipped with a patented tube coubling device (CD Knob) which accomodates any size sampling tube with an outside dimension of 3/16" through 5/16". Size required is based on the type of fluid being sampled, temperature of sample, and what sample is being taken from. Special pump model 38-U 1/2 accomodates 1/2" tube for heavy gear oils.

Q.: Who uses the Vampire fluid sampling pumps?

A.:Construction companies, Utility companies, Food processing, Theme parks, Breweries, Environmentalists, Trucking companies, Anyone sampling fluids

Q.: Why should I use the Vampire fluid sampling pump?

A.:Quality made product, excellent customer service, usually same day shipping on many in stock items, available world-wide, durable, and uses multiple size tubing without fitting change.

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