Easy Vac, Inc. manufactures and markets Vampire Fluid Sampling Pumps ... small, hand-operated vacuum pumps which have brought a new level of performance to fluid sampling. Their durability, simplicity, versatility and ease of operation give them a distinct advantage over competitive models. Originally developed for oil sampling, Vampire Pumps have proven to be useful in a variety of applications. Companies involved in environmental, chemical, water, and hazardous material sampling, have all found the Vampire Pumps to be an invaluable tool. The X-Models feature distinctive yellow heads made of lightweight, injection-molded nylon and U-Models are fitted with clear, cast acrylic heads. Both are equipped with all aluminum parts to make great looking, durable pumps.

Vampire Pumps draw a vacuum of 27 inches of Hg (Mercury). The patented tube coupling device accepts any size sampling tube (with an outside diameter of 3/16" through 5/16") without changing fittings. The sampling tube is inserted through the coupling device until the lower end extends below the top of the sample bottle. When the knurled knob is turned to tighten the seal, the vacuum will draw fluid directly into the bottle without coming in contact with the pump. This patented feature allows multiple samples to be taken without cleaning the pump between samples.